Did You Miss Me?

Holy crap! It’s been tooooo long since I last posted. My apologies but I was having a blast  in 2012.  Ended 2012 with a trip to Buenos Aires. I miss that place…. It’s a new year, so new things will be happening with this blog. First off, I’ve finally decided to back to school and […]

Happy New Year!

I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a very happy new year. Thanks for reading my blog in 2011, posting comments and sending me emails. I appreciate it all! I look forward to another amazing year and making more great memories. Lots in store for 2012! I’m excited for things to come…. 2012 […]

O Christmas Tree! O Upside Down Christmas Tree?

This is something I’ve never seen.  Not sure how I feel about this.  I would feel like I would have to do a hand stand next to it or something. How do you like the upside down Christmas tree? I think I’ll stick to the Christmas tree that isn’t upside down.  But maybe that’s cause […]