Put that in my Trunk!

I’ve been looking for a trunk since I moved into our new place 2 years ago. I almost bought one in the Philippines last month, but I didn’t bother. My problem is, I like too many different styles of trunks and I’m not sure which style I like best.  Here are a few I like:

Vintage Iron Trunk from Restoration Hardware


Steamer Trunk - Image from Apartment Therapy

Recycled Tyre Storage Trunk from Not on the High Street

$12 Craiglist Trunk - Image from Restored Style

Wooden Trunk by Potterybarn

Which trunk do you like?  If you have a trunk that you absolutely love or if you restored an old one, let me know! I would love to feature it on Living La Vie.  (email livinglavie@yahoo.com).


4 thoughts on “Put that in my Trunk!

  1. Why must you choose only one? The pictures above show multiple purposes… as a bench for the foot of the bed, as a coffee table, end table, free-standing or on a shelf, etc. Why not buy whatever makes you happy then find a way to make it fit? The only limits are the ones you place upon yourself.

    • Yes, so very true Christina. That settles it, I’m buying them all! haha.. I usually do end up buying things I like and then find a place for them later on. Thanks for reminding me that only limits are the ones you place upon yourself…so so true!

  2. Go to The Junction! There are lots of vintage and used stores there and you will find lots of trunks! Have you seen the old window frame we used as a photo frame–we got that from the junction. It’s so crazy–Joe and I totally wanted a trunk to use as our coffee table, but decided against it because it took up too much visual space in our small condo. Everytime I see a trunk, though, my heart hurts a little.

    • The Junction, cool will check it out. I’ve been looking through Craigslist too. I haven’t seen the old window frame, that sounds so cool! Will have to see it next time I come over. I know, I’ve always wanted a trunk for a coffee table too, but yeah our place is too small for a coffee table. I’m soooo looking forward to the warmer weather cause I can’t wait for garage sales!

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