DIY Chalkboards

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I love chandeliers and mirrors.  I also love chalkboards!  Ever since I heard about chalkboard paint/spraypaint, I’ve always wanted to have a chalkboard in my house.  I used to watch Trading Spaces religiously, and I can’t remember which designer it was, but I remember they used chalkboard paint in one of the rooms, and I remember thinking whenever I get my own place I need to chalkboard a wall!  But instead of having a wall, I opted to make my own chalkboard from a mirror.

All you need is Rust-Oleum Chalk Board spray paint, some tape (I used duct tape) to cover the frame of the mirror, and start spraying!  Make sure to spray outside (I sprayed mine on my balcony), and lie your mirror flat on the ground. I made the mistake of having it against the wall, and the spray paint started to drip down.  So make sure you lie it flat on the ground.  Follow the instructions on the spray can and you have yourself a new chalkboard!   See the before and after pictures below!

What do you think?

p.s. I miss Trading Spaces! I used to like Vern and Genevieve and sometimes Doug Wilson


2 thoughts on “DIY Chalkboards

  1. LOVE it! you may have just inspired me to make a chalkboard of my own and frame it with this great antique frame that’s just wasting away in the garage…

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