Thinking about Christmas…

Christmas gifts.

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I know we haven’t even put on our costumes yet for Halloween, but I’m already thinking about Christmas and what to do for presents this year.  My husband comes from a big family, so we have aaaa lot of gifts to get for the kids.  And when I mean a lot, I mean we have to get 15 gifts for kids.  That may not be a lot for some of you, but I come from a really small family, so that’s a lot for this chick.

I surfed the web for ideas, but the site I checked out first is by my fav crafty girl…Martha Stewart.  I love what she comes up with. She is just amazing! Below are some crafty DIY gifts as well as some other cool gifts to purchase:

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1. School supplies – This is a perfect time for kids to re-stock on school supplies.  They can start the new year off with new supplies. You can personalize their notebooks by downloading the clippable art from Martha Stewart’s website (click here) or you can make your own.  You can put the notebook, pencils, markers, stickers, bookmarks, etc. in a new lunch bag and your set.  It may not be a cool toy, but they will always need school supplies!  Click here for some DIY bookmarks you can do too!

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2. Knit a scarf – Who doesn’t love a knitted scarf. Ok, the kids may not like this too much, but you know the parents will.  I think if I was a kid I would want a scarf!  Click here to see how to knit a scarf.


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3. Mongram Slippers – This is a perfect gift for anyone!  I love wearing slippers in the winter. Feet feel nice and warm!  Click here to see how to monogram slippers.

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4.  Goat and chicken – I’m not talking about the stuffed animals either.   Instead of giving lots of toys that kids will get tired of anyways, why not give them a the gift of giving back and helping those who are less fortunate.  You can buy a goat, chicken, sheep, medicine for those in need.  Check out the World Vision website for more ideas.  If you still want to give a toy, you can buy a mini stuff animal, and on the tag you can say “A donation was made on behalf of you to help those in need”.

Do  you have any other gift ideas?


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