DIY Headboards

I’m getting the creative juices going for our bedroom decor and I’m loving the idea of making our own headboard.   It’s been 2 years since we moved into our place and we still don’t have a headboard.  Our bedroom still looks like we just moved in.  It’s lacking EVERYTHING.  But as they say, better to start now than later right?  Now I’m not sure if we should have an upholstered headboard or not.  Here are some of the DIY headboards that are giving me some inspiration:



1. Pattern Headboard – First of all, I LOVE the pattern on this headboard and I love the color too.   I wonder if the husband would like something like this? Click here for the tutorial.




2. Solid Color Headboard – This is a bit more of contemporary look. I like it but I’m feeling the pattern print a bit more. Click here for the tutorial.




3. Wooden Headboard  (Made out of an old door or old cupboards). I always thought I would get a headboard like this, but after seeing # 1, not so sure anymore. Click here for the tutorial

Decisions, decisions!

Which ones do you like?


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