Ask and you Shall Receive…Discounts!

Ever since I was young, my mother had always told me that there is no harm in asking.  The answer will either be yes, no or maybe so. I’ve heard this from my mom so many times.  When we would go into stores, she would sometimes ask the sales associate for discounts or “is there something special you can do for us”.  I used to get so embarrassed by this, I would often put my head down in shame and pray that the embarrassment would soon pass.  I remember going to the dollar store one time and she tried to get a discount.  Yes, the dollar store!   But to my surprise, she would often get a discount.  There were times, she wouldn’t, but for the majority of the time she would.  She would always tell me about how she got this and that for a deal, or a credit here and there for complaining about poor service.  I was amazed!  As I got older, I decided to try her tricks, and I have to say, I have received discounts or deals, by just asking.   This goes for any store.  Negotiating a price isn’t only for flea markets or neighborhood stores.  You can negotiate a price at any retail store.  Here are some things you can try:

1. If you pay cash for an item, ask if they can take off the tax.

2. If it’s the last item or if there is scratch or dent, ask for a discount.  Usually you will get 10% to 15% off.

3. If you’re buying in bulk at any store, ask for a discount.  I had bought a 10 items (over $50) from a major Canadian retailer.  At the time, I didn’t even think to ask for a discount.  My mom asked me if I had asked for a discount, I told her that they wouldn’t do it cause it’s a retail store and you can’t negotiate prices.  My mom called the head office, and they said they would give me a discount. All I had to do was take the receipt, and get my discount.  I got $100 back!

4.  Always ask for a group rate.

5. If you go to a restaurant with a big group, ask them for discounted appetizers or free appetizers.  Like my mom says, there is no harm in asking!

6.  If you ever receive poor service, always complain.  Most times you will get a credit.  Last year, my mom and I took a bus to New York from Toronto.  On the way back, our bus driver got lost.  We were delayed for more than 4 hours.  My mom complained and we received a credit.

7.  If at first you don’t succeed, try again!  If you are asking for a discount or complaining about poor service, keep on trying until you speak to the right person.

Have you ever received a discount by just asking? Please share your stories, I’d love to hear about them.


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