Forgiveness exists in Hollywood

I’m sure you remember when Kanye West went up on stage last year at the VMA’s, while Taylor Swift was was accepting her award and went all crazy. Yes, we all remember that moment. Fast forward a year later, Taylor Swift performed her song “Innocent”, which some speculate is her forgiveness song for Kanye West. It’s nice to see that Taylor took the time to write a song like this. People tend to get caught up with their emotions, and it’s easier to point fingers, call each other names, be angry and be hateful.  Forgiveness breaks down walls and opens up the opportunity to start fresh and move forward.  I’ve noticed when you dish out love, you will get love in return or maybe just a simple like.

Here’s the song.  I tried to find a clip of the performance, but can’t seem to find one.  Youtube probably has taken them down. Enjoy!


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