Painting the Eco Way!

I’m one of the few people that actually enjoys painting. I don’t know what it is, but I love painting a room. Maybe it’s the part of me that wants to learn the art of Karate. You remember that scene in the Karate Kid right? Honestly, I don’t know what it is, but it’s one of those things I enjoy doing.  I also try to be environmentally friendly whenever I can, and this includes choosing a non toxic paint.   You can purchase non toxic paint with natural raw ingredients such as water, milk casein, natural latex, plant oils and resins, plant dyes and essential oils.  I will keep you posted on which paint I choose and what the outcome is.  But first, I need to choose a color!

Click here for a list of non toxic paints

Get inspired to paint and learn the art of Karate! ok, I’m not sure about that, but it worked for the Karate Kid!


2 thoughts on “Painting the Eco Way!

  1. Nice reference to the Karate Kid. Brings back memories. Great info on the ECO paint too. Very helpful! Good luck with picking a color. I know how hard that can be. Nice blog too!

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