Relax, Relate, Release

Go! Go! Go! That’s what the North American mentality is.  People are constantly busy, everyone is in a rush, and everything should have been finished yesterday.  Even on the GO train people, once the doors are open, people run to their cars so they can be the first ones out of the parking lot.   I remember when I started to take the GO Train, I would think to myself, What’s the rush? why do you need to be home 5 minutes earlier.  So one day I started to run to my car just to see what it was like.  I admit, it was kind of fun running to my car to see if I can beat everyone (I’m competitive).  But after a while, I didn’t bother.  What was the point? I would rather walk to my car then run and increase my chances of falling on my face (I’m a big klutz).  Plus, I didn’t need to rush.  Why?   Even in traffic, I’m always annoyed by the people who are in rush and are in the need for speed.  If you’re a passenger in my car, you might hear me say “What’s the rush?”.

People need to Relax, Relate and Release.  Stress can cause many health issues and it’s just not fun to be stressed out all the time.  If you find yourself stressed out, try exercising, read a book, join a sports team, meditate or find a new hobby.  Whenever I’m stressed, I usually turn on some music and dance.  Sometimes I close my eyes and breathe deeply and just relax, relate and release.

Here’s a clip from a Different World – Relax, Relate, Release. I used to love this show!


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