Walk a Mile in my Shoes

We’ve all heard the saying “If you walked a mile in my shoes, you would understand where I’m coming from”.  I’m not sure if that’s the exact quote, but I’m sure you’ve heard versions of it sometime in your life.  I always try to be understanding with people, however I’m human, and this thing called the ego can sometimes take form and overshadow the understanding part of my brain.  It’s easy to call someone a name or judge people, but it’s harder to really understand why people act a certain way. When you’re in a heated argument, all you want from the other person is some understanding. Sometimes it’s not a matter of being right or wrong and all you need is understanding.

When you say to someone “I understand where you are coming from” you are being open minded and breaking down the walls. You are reaching out to someone and saying, although I may not agree with what you said or did, I understand your situation and why you said/did those things. Understanding can also lead to forgiveness, which is probably one of the greatest gifts you can give a person and yourself. When we understand each other, we are able to love and forgive and live a happier life.

p.s. I was tested with my patience and understanding today.  I had to get myself in check because I was ready to go all Sha-Ne-Ne on this person.  But I took a breath and realized that I just need to dig down and understand where this person was coming from.


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