Book Review : The Element by Sir Ken Robinson

The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

The very first blog post of Living La Vie, I talked about being fearless at 30 and how I didn’t want to live in fear anymore.  I think I’ve been afraid to do new things and this fear has been holding me back in figuring out who I really am.  I think a lot of people from my generation feel the same way.  After college or university, we get a job, we like it for a while but then we still feel like we’re not doing what we are supposed to do or what we really want to do.  Some of us are still trying to figure out what we want to do and we’re just stuck.  I came across this book called The Element after watching a youtube video of Sir Ken Robinson at TED about how schools kill creativity.  I was so inspired by what he said I decided to read his book The Element.

The one thing that I love about this book is all the stories from his interviews with people on how they discovered their talent.  There are interviews with Ridley Scott, Paul McCartney, Meg Ryan and many more.  The author also talks about the importance of imagination and creativity and how we need both to really find our Element.  He also talks about the education system and how it needs to change in order for every child to use their natural talents.  This is a must read for everyone that is trying to find their Element as well as teachers, leaders, managers and just about everyone.  If you think it’s still to late to find your Element, think again and read this book.

Here is the video that started it all for me.  I forgot to mention that he’s pretty funny too =)

Click here to check out his website.


2 thoughts on “Book Review : The Element by Sir Ken Robinson

  1. Hi Melissa,
    I’ve just recently finished reading this book and feel really inspired by it.

    Browsing through some of your blogs, it looks like you’ve really benefitted from it.

    Well done and all the best!

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