I Love Karaoke!

If you know me, you know I love love love to karaoke.  I don’t know what it is, but I love singing and dancing and acting like a fool with my good friends.  I don’t go to the karaoke bars (not sure I’m up for that yet) but we go to the places that have individual private rooms.  I’m sitting here listening to some music at my desk, and I wish I could just sing out loud.  But I don’t think my fellow co-workers would appreciate that and they would probably think there is a screw loose.   If you’ve never tried karaoke, YOU SHOULD!  You don’t have to be the greatest singer (I’m not) and who doesn’t love to sing their fav songs right?!  Here are my all time fav karaoke tunes (in no particular order):

1. Freedom – George Michael

2. Sweet Child of Mine – Guns n’ Roses

3. Been around the world – Lisa Stansfield

4. Nobody’s supposed to be here – Deborah Cox

5. Love Game – Lady Gaga

6. Diary – Alicia Keys

7. Superman’s Dead – Our Lady Peace

8. Thong Song – Sisquo

9. Stranger in my house – Tamia

10. Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson

There are more songs, but these are the ones that come to mind.  What are your favorite karaoke songs?

p.s. my friends and I sometimes have themed Karaoke nights and we dress up in costumes! we’re crazy and I love it!


2 thoughts on “I Love Karaoke!

  1. One of my faves is Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry but I haven’t found a karaoke place in Toronto that has the song!

    My favourite Chapeau karaoke song is Superman’s Dead. Hahaha!

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