Kitchen Stuff Plus Crazy

I went a little crazy at Kitchen Stuff Plus and bought 10 items. I don’t know what it is with that store but I love it! I love finding cool kitchen gadgets and anything that helps me get a bit more organized in my house. Here is a breakdown of what I purchased in case you’re wondering:

1. Over the cabinet bag holder – I’m so happy I bought this because we used to have our bags in one big bag under the sink. It took up so much space and I’ve been looking for something like this. I’ve seen the plastic bag holders at IKEA but I like the style of this one better.

2. Over the sink strainer – Our old strainer got a bit moldy because we left noodles in it. It was pretty nasty! Probably the most disgusting thing I ever saw and smelled in my life.  It was just one of those weeks that was a bit crazy and you know we’ve all forgotten about food in the fridge.  So we threw it out and the small the strainer is just not cutting it, so decided to buy a new strainer.

3. Sham Wow – Everyone should have sham wow in their house!

4. LCD/Plasma microfibre cloth by Casabella – Finally have a proper way to clean our TV. YES!

5. Stainless Steel microfibre cloth by Casabella- I usually clean our stainless steel appliances with a spray but with this cloth you don’t need to use any chemicals. YES! I’m always trying to clean our home without the use of harsh chemicals.

6. Citrus Juicer – I used to have the plastic juicer but I didn’t really like it. I saw a juicer like this on a cooking show and I was sold!

7. Starfrit Lock and Lock storage container – Always good to have these around for storing food. I needed more containers for the fruits I take to work.  Don’t worry, I use the glass containers when warming up food in the micro!

8.  Salad spinner – We had an OXO Salad spinner but it broke so we needed to buy a new one.  I was getting tired of drying my salad with paper towel.  It’s just not the same.  This time I decided to buy a cheaper one. Those OXO salad spinners are expensive man! And it only lasted me 1.5 yrs. Wack!

9. Colorful Plastic Bowl – Needed more bowls cause we only have 1 for chips and salad.

10.  Salad Serving Set – We no longer have to use a regular folk and spoon for salads! YES! These were only 5.99 too!

I love Kitchen Stuff Plus=)


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