What’s for Dinner?

Every day, around the late afternoon, I start to think about what to cook for dinner.  There are weeks that I have the best time cooking and I look forward to it.  And then there are weeks that I have no clue what to cook.  I’ve been married for almost two years now, so that’s about 700 days of cooking (probably more like 500 days since there were MANY weeks we ordered take out).  Now that’s a lot of days of cooking!  I know it doesn’t compare to how many years my parents have cooked but I’m still a rookie and still adjusting.   I even tried to do a meal plan but that didn’t work.  Then my husband said to me “you’re like an artist…you need to be inspired to cook”.  Hmmm…I never thought of it like that.  So then I thought about what inspires me to cook.  Here’s what I came up with:

1.  A recipe that doesn’t have a lot of ingredients – When I come home from work, I just want to whip up something quick and healthy.  I don’t want to spend all night in the kitchen and then get ready for bed.  That sucks ass!

2.  Seafood – I love cooking fish cause it usually takes less than 15 mins to cook and you also don’t need a lot of ingredients for fish.  I never liked seafood until I got married.  I can’t believe I’ve been missing out all this time.

3.  Music – I need my tunes while I cook.  I love to dance and sing and nothing gets me more happy than singing and dancing to my favorite songs while I cook.

4.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle – eating at home is not only cost effective but it’s also healthier because I control what ingredients I use and I also buy organic chicken and beef.  I have to support the local farmers!

5. Cooking with the husband – My husband is still lacking in the chef department, but he is a great sous-chef =).  When I cook with my husband I always say “Now that’s team work”  and start clapping (I liked to clap a lot, even when I’m laughing…it’s just something I do).

When I get in a cooking rut, I need to remind myself of the above.  But don’t get me wrong, a girl needs a day off of cooking too – that’s what dinners at the parents are for!

So what do you do to get out of a cooking rut (besides ordering take out)?


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